A PCV in Colombia uses emoji’s to promote financial literacy awareness

As a PCV one thing I’ve realized is that showing up and being active in the community is 50% of the job. Peace Corps Colombia recently transitioned its posts from urban sites to rural municipalities in 2015. The region I am posted in is an isolated stretch of mountains along the Caribbean Colombian Coast with a population of 20,000. In April, my local Mayors Office burned down and has been steel-shut since. This was devastating as a CED volunteer for this central hub of information was a starting point for virtually all aspects of field work.

I decided to look closer into the connections I had already established and got invited to participate in a local artisan town within our region of the Montes de Maria. I made a quick video of how we promoted the 3 goals of the Peace Corps and connected locals to some of the free services we [Peace Corps] offer our community.



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