About Me

IMG_8264Yadezi Abreu was born in Los Angeles, CA and raised in Miami, FL. Yadezi was influenced by her Colombian single mother at an early age. She had humble beginnings the youngest daughter to a broken home, she always promised herself that she would save her mother from less than perfect circumstances.

In 2011 like many millenials, she was faced with financial hardship when it came time to receiving a higher education . While a full-time student at Florida International University, Yadezi worked several jobs in order to pursue a higher education without taking out a single loan. Some were glamorous: as part of the management team at Williams-Sonoma others enough to make ends meet: graveyard shift at Burger Kings drive-thru window. Food has always been Yadezi’s greatest passion. She often fit into her busy schedule late-night food line preparation and private chef/catering commitments in an effort to achieve financial stability for her family at home. Over the next 5 years, while maintaining her full-time work at Williams-Sonoma, she completed her Bachelor of Business Administration, with specializations in Marketing from FIU in August 2016.

Being a Hispanic female has presented her with many professional struggles throughout her career. She ultimately applied to serve in the Peace Corps in order to inspire anyone with a long road ahead of them to attain their own version of “success”. She draws on her Colombian heritage and will use it to create a cross-cultural understanding while serving in the first ever Community Economic Development in Colombia.


6 thoughts on “About Me

    1. I stumbled upon your blog Ana Sofia and I agree! It’s always nice to meet a fellow Colombian-American Latina perspective. Very jealous of your upcoming Thailand trip! 🙂


      1. Can’t wait to hear about it, and thanks for the tip. I have also used canva.com for logos, flyers, etc but never got anything like that! That’s awesome, thank you! Kyle and I created a joint blog, and I think I’ll make a new logo for that.


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